Coffee Seed Necklaces from Niger and the Côte d'Ivoire
Local African sources told me the seeds  are known as "Kekeore" or "Coffee seeds" and are seeds of the coffee plant, not to be confused with the coffee beans that coffee is made from, which are red or green in their natural state and only turn coffee-coloured when roasted.
 --The necklaces, all with fasteners, come from an area in West Africa where coffee is indeed grown in profusion and supplied to international coffee importers.
NB: Nescafé from this area, found in local shops all over West Africa is absolutely delicious !!

12 ins / 30 cm
Single strands of coffee plant seeds
Average size 2 x 5 mm
-Ideal for use as spacers in your own
unique jewellery creations
-ATB 643 @ £3 each