Our Alternative e-mail Addresses

Please note our alternative e-mail sending addresses:  which we will be using in addition to our usual to send out our Update Newsletters.

We have had to use this extra address because we have a 2000+ customers on our Update Newsletter list and to be fair to all, we try to send out our Newsletters to everyone as near the same time as possible.

In order to try to overcome recent severe limits set by ISPs and e-mail programs on the number of e-mails that can be sent in one day, we now have to use more than one sending address. Otherwise if we send more than the number allowed per day from a single address, we are automatically classed as spammers and are blocked from sending any more e-mail Newsletters for up to 24 hours !

We are not alone to have these problems which are a real pain to all small business owners wanting to send multiple genuine e-mails to customers who have asked for them. We could use one of the businesses that specialise in mass mailings but that would mean passing on all your e-mail addresses to a third party something we have promised never to do.

Regular customers already know that we use to send replies to enquiries whilst we are bead-hunting in Africa, so please accept our
e-mails coming from any one of these three e-mail addresses.

When you click on 'Reply' to any of them, they are all configured to deliver your replies directly to us at and we will answer them as soon as we can.

Thank you.