Ancient "Porcelain"  Beads (1)

Very early trading beads once traded all over West Africa ... some of these beads were found in the bush and on the shore near the old Albreda trading post at Juffureh, on the banks of the River Gambia. This village was the location used as the home of Kunta Kinte by Alex Haley, when he wrote his famous Roots story.
All offered as found without any previous cleaning, to preserve their authenticity.

Ancient drawn glass 'Porcelain' beads which show the patina of their great age and are typical of the earliest examples from the West African bead trade
Average bead diameter 9 mm

Item Number



(3) ATB 147-03

30 ins / 76 cm

48  Sold

(4) ATB 147-04

30 ins / 76 cm

48  Sold

(5) ATB 147-05

30 ins / 76 cm


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