Ancient Persian Glass
- These attractive glass beads were found in West Africa, but originated as bracelets
in Iran ( Persia ) sometime within the 12th to 16th centuries. Prior to Ayatollah Khomeini's rise to power, Tehran was one of the major centres of antique dealing.
It is known that many kilos of ancient Persian jewellery pieces and fragments were bought to be sorted, joined, reshaped and re-drilled ( hence their tiny new holes ) and were redistributed over many  continents .. although they are rare to find in quantity.
Beautifully coloured multicoloured patterns and eye designs on their convex outer front faces, not all of which are possible to be shown in the scans below.

Although these two bracelets date from Greco-Roman Egypt,
150 - 100 BC
This is probably how these beads would have appeared when  in bracelet form.
Photograph courtesy of
Malter Galleries
For a comparison reference only
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Strand length 16 ins / 41 cm
Beads 7 x 10 to 18 x 13 mm
as 261-40    38   Sold

Strand length 16 ins / 41 cm
Beads 13 x 5 to 15 x 9 mm
as 261-41    38   Sold

Strand length 16 ins / 41 cm
Beads 9 x 5 to 12 x 8 mm
as 261-42    38   Sold

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