Ancient Nila and Fouille Beads
Here are some beautiful strands of rare ancient Nila, coloured glass, stone and terra cotta beads from the Dogon and Gao areas of Mali. Although popularly known as 'Nila' ( the Arabic word for blue and Sanskrit for Indigo ) they display a beautiful translucent blue green colour when held up to a light source.
Most of these beads arrived in Mali around 1000 years ago, via the ancient trade routes to Djenné .. from other areas of Africa, Europe and the Middle East.
Many have been buried beneath the Sahara Desert sands for centuries.
Fouille is the name Malian bead dealers use for similarly beautiful translucent beads which are probably of a similar age to the Nila, as they are found with them.
Its meaning in French is associated with Search and (Archaeological) Excavations.
For Reference Only

3 x 7 to 5 x 9 mm Nila beads in matching translucent blue / green

Nila Seed Beads .. known as Fouille ( pronounced foooeee ) in West Africa
Tiny ancient beads showing a lovely range of coloured glass - found in Mali

Beads in sizes from 2 x 3 to 4 x 5 mm