African Leather Bracelets

Handmade, especially for African Trade Beads,by one of our best friends in West Africa,
who sadly passed away in 2001. He was one of our first African friends, in the late 80's and was  responsible for a wonderfully light-hearted introduction to African markets, the charming, enterprising people and the remarkable skills to be found amongst the corrugated iron shacks they were in in those days.
Bakau Craft Market, in The Gambia, is not the same without Baboucar .. who was jokingly referred to as the King of Jiggy Jiggy, a self-appointed title, of which he was justly proud !!
 A good man ... he is greatly missed by us, his family and his friends.
 Starting with a cured goat skin and working with hands and feet (!) Baboucar coloured, cut and plaited these soft leather bracelets and necklaces ... leaving the end free on one of the straps which secure the beads, so that you can easily undo the knot and replace these modern powder glass beads ( from Ghana ) with special beads from your own collection.
Bead selection varies but includes similar beads to those shown below.
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Plaited Leather cord
in different  lengths

ATB 503 a
Length 10 ins / 26 cm

ATB 503 b
9 ins / 23 cm

8 each

ATB 503 c
8 ins / 20 cm

Strap width approx. 10 mm

Cord Length 30 ins / 76 cm Strap width 3 mm
ATB 505  5