African Bracelets

Old, heavy and beautiful Nickel Silver, Copper, Bronze, Brass and Aluminium bracelets from Sénégal, Mali, Mauritania and Burkina Faso and The Sudan
The local artisans sourced their aluminium from old car engines, electricity supply cables and anything else to hand, when they made these traditionally decorated bracelets. Offered as found, yours to clean and polish as you wish.
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Bedouin Nickel Silver from the Sudan
Bell on top - Bracelet weight 120 grams
Width 23 mm - 69 mm internal diameter
afb 256    £32

Bedouin Nickel Silver from the Sudan
Weight 125 grams - Width 24 mm
72 mm internal diameter
afb 257    £32

Superb solid Aluminium antique bracelet from Mauritania - Weight 43 grams
13 mm widest part - 50 mm Int. diameter
afb 233    £18

Early traditional Mali Dogon bronze
Lovely original condition - smooth internal surface from many years of being worn
156 grams Width 14 mm Int.diam. 53 mm
afb 252    £36

Superb solid Aluminium antique bracelet from Senegal - Weight 32 grams
12 mm widest part - 52 mm Int. diameter
afb 237    £14

Interesting and unusual flexible
Leather and Copper antique bracelet
from Burkina Faso - 70 mm Int. Diameter
afb 249    £12

This antique heavy Nickel Silver Bracelet from Mali with a Brass bezel weighs
106 grams - internal diameter 65 mm
afb 250    £38

This superb antique Armlet weighs
68 grams, height 45 mm & diameter 55 mm.
Similar repoussé decorative work is found throughout the Horn of Africa & Arabia. 
afb 238    £60   Sold