Sir Luigi Cattelan
Italian Glass Master

Luigi was knighted in 2005 by the Italian government for his accomplishments in the bead industry. Luigi says "I am not an artist. I'm just someone who works with glass."

Born and raised in Murano (Venice) Italy, he comes from a family of glass masters,
dating as far back as the 15th century.

For 20 years, Luigi worked as the director of production in the oldest glass factory in Murano: The Societa' Veneziana Conterie founded in 1893 and produced chevron and seed beads.

Luigi then started working for himself and has since launched the Chevron bead back into the Italian, U.S. and African markets using compositions of glass from the S.V.C.
as well as from his grandfather and great-grandfathers.

Luigi is the only remaining Muranese who continues to produce chevron beads, whilst also making blown glass beads, lamp-worked candy beads, small perfume bottles and vessels.