One of the first types of Indian commercially produced beads, which were supplied to traders world-wide, from as long as 2,500 years ago.
Originally,  naturally occurring agate, impregnated with iron impurities, was found in central India in the river bed of the Narmada River. Hand-shaping and processing by heating at Khambat (Cambay) .. produced beads in a variety of red /  brown colours.
The extra long strands on the following pages were found in Mali and Mauritania.

Historic finds .. Antique faceted bicones found in The Gambia
Czech glass reproduction Carnelian beads - documented as being produced in the early 1800's and widely used in West Africa, unfortunately often in the slave trade.

Strand length 26 ins / 66 cm
Beads 24 x 8 to 24 x 12 mm with 9 mm moulded white glass spheres as spacers
sps 244    48
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