When you have confirmed your Order and informed us you wish to pay with your Credit Card or Bank Account using the PayPal service :

* We e-mail you to say that we will set up a "Request Money" form with PayPal
... we do not need to know your card details, which gives you added security ... informing them only of the Total amount in UK Pounds, US Dollars or Euros.

Please ensure that the Total amount and your e-mail address, in our e-mail to you,
are 100% correct .. and inform us immediately if they are not.

* PayPal will send you an e-mail, with a link to their secure payment page,
it is then a very simple procedure for you to pay with your credit card.

* Those people already members of PayPal, will be familiar with the procedures ... but people new to PayPal will be able to join their service, together with millions
of others world-wide, free of charge and again, with the minimum of difficulty from most countries of the world. Payments can be made in
GBP - US Dollars or Euros.

* Payment into our account is instant ... we receive an e-mail telling us you have paid and will dispatch your Order to you within two working days.

* We will send you an e-mail to confirm that your payment has been successfully received and your Order dispatched.

To easily register for a free PayPal account on our special registration page ..
please click any of these
PayPal links.

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