Modern Necklaces Shell

A varied collection of modern necklaces incorporating shells ... which have been found amongst those being traded in West Africa today. Imported  from all over the world ... some re-strung by locals and offered to you for their individuality
rather than their historical value.

16 ins / 41 cm of smooth shell discs graduating from 2 x 5 < 4 x 9 mm
ahs 234    12   Sold

Handmade Ostrich and Onyoka Mussel shell beads
from the Skeleton Coast of Namibia.
Onyoka necklaces are traditionally made and used by the Owambo people and are given as gifts at significant life events, such as the birth of a child.
Their women gather mussel shells that are washed up on the beach. The shells are processed through several stages the end product being a beautiful, delicate, hand-crafted bead which is similar to Ostrich shell but with a slight sheen and natural colour variations.
Our supplier buys the beads directly from these women who work in their yards in Mondesa township.
Most of these women have no other work, so we are helping them create access to other markets.
Ideal for use in home decoration or jewellery making.

17 ins / 41 cm of 2 x 7 mm Ostrich Shell  discs
ahs 257 @ 12 each

27 ins / 69 cm of 2 x 5 mm Mussel Shell discs
ahs 257 a @ 12 each

Wholesale large quantities of Ostrich Shells for sale
Contact Retha in Swaziland at

16 ins / 41 cm
10 mm diameter shells
ahs 241  6

An unusual necklace made with 25 x 8 mm wooden cubes
4 mm shell discs and 2-5 mm metal, glass and plastic  spherical spacers. Found in The Gambia
28 ins / 70 cm length
ATB 111   16    Sold