Notice Board

This message board is intended to try to overcome the current e-mail problems all of us on the Internet are experiencing. Mails are mysteriously disappearing from both directions ..
not arriving here and occasionally some of our replies to your Enquiries, are getting delayed
or not arriving in your mail boxes at all. Very frustrating for you and for us !

These problems are not unique to African Trade Beads .. everyone seems to be experiencing inconsistencies with their e-mailing .. due, amongst many other things, to incorrectly set security settings and the influx of virus-containing mail that are swamping some servers.

The most common problem is that people have their e-mail security settings set so high that they or their ISP do not allow our replies to reach their Inbox.

If you have sent us an Order Enquiry or Message and the expected reply has not arrived .. please make sure you have allowed e-mails from to be accepted.
If you are not sure how to check or how to change your security or e-mail filtering settings .. contact the Helpline at your ISP ( Internet Service Supplier ) for assistance.

Yahoo and AOL users .. please check your SPAM folders.
HERE for instructions for adding our e-mail address to safe lists on various browsers.

We will post both general status and specific messages to people on here, especially to those  from whom we have received an e-mail enquiry, but have had our replies bounced back to us as undeliverable. If you have attempted to contact us and have received no reply within 3 days .. Please try again and keep checking this list.





Bounced E-mails

Recently a few people have had their attempts to reply to our replies bounced back to them.

Different UK ISP's use various classification methods in identifying link-containing e-mails as Spam.

Please use our
Contact Us form
to tell us
if this happens to you

Spam Filter

Yahoo and AOL users
Recent changes in Spam filtering

Many of our replies to your Order Enquiries are being automatically and wrongly classed as Spam by these ISPs

Regularly check your Spam Folder to see if our replies are there and add our
to your Address Book

The Very Best
E-mail Filtering
out there

Are you getting
too much
Junk Mail ?

Easily chuck out the rubbish before it gets into your system !

African Trade Beads thoroughly recommends you use MailWasher Pro
which really does lessen both the risk of your system getting infected and the amount of Spam you receive.

Spam & Virus Warning
Fake e-mails containing viruses

Forged e-mails and new viruses .. are constantly sweeping the Internet.
Occasionally we get "undeliverable mail" messages from various ISPs relating to e-mails that were not sent from
African Trade Beads


 If you have received an e-mail, purportedly coming from any
e-address at that is not in direct reply to an enquiry you have sent us,
or you are not on our update list ..

It did not come from us.

for more details

The senders of these spam / viruses, spoof
( forge ) other peoples'

Our e-mails are always scanned to be 100% virus and risk-free before sending.

Make sure you have competent anti-virus software on your system, which is kept 100% up to date .. check for new updates every day.

Norton's page for information on the latest virus threats.

Immediately delete them from your system - do not click on any links and never follow any advice given in them.

NEVER open any e-mail attachments you are not  completely sure about.


Helpful Hint
for those forgetting Item Numbers, or losing track of the Items you wish to enquire about, whilst filling in details on the
Order Enquiry Page.

Switching back and forth between the Order Enquiry form and the Page you wish to Order items from .. can be a pain !
Unfortunately, as yet, Net Object Fusion does not allow us to automatically open a new Order Enquiry Page / Window for you, when you click on its button.

For those using Internet Explorer : When you are ready to make an Order Enquiry .. Click File > New > Window and then Click on the Order Enquiry button on the new page. You will then have two pages available.

Keep the Order Enquiry Page to enter your Item Numbers in and use the other page to navigate through the Website.


I have not received a reply to my Enquiry

If you experience any lack of contact or no reply within three days of e-mailing us

Please e-mail us again, including your telephone number & an alternative e-mail address. If you do not have an alternative
 e-mail : Registering one with Outlook / Gmail / Yahoo etc. is free and an extremely useful idea as a back-up .. both if your e-mail handler is having problems - and to be able to read your mails online anywhere in the world.