Recommended Trade Bead - Reference and Reading Material
By no means a comprehensive list .. the books listed below stand out for both their valuable reference material and the beauty of their illustrations.

Title: The World in a Bead

Author: Augusto Panini

Reference: ISBN 978-88-99657-90-1

Italian editions Publisher: Antiga Edizione             First published in: June 2017

Description: 375 pages in this 28 x 23 cm paperback English edition, containing approx. 300 pages of superb full-size pictures of the beads in the incredible Murano Glass Museumís bead collection, followed by 67 pages of descriptions and technical data.
Not only a work of art but an invaluable source of reference material

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Title: African Beads - Jewels of a Continent

Authors: Evelyn Simak and Carl Dreibelbis

Reference: ISBN 978-0-981627-2-7

UK price is approximately £50

Description: Accurately descriptive text and 150 excellent colour photographs comprehensively cover a wide range of rare and collectible beads in the first book ever published which is exclusively devoted to African-made beads.

Title: Africa Adorned

Author: Angela Fisher

Reference: ISBN 0-8109-1823-4

Publisher: H.N. Abrams - New York

Description: Superb colour photographs of African beads, jewellery, dress, body decoration and hairstyles .. as worn by tribal members in situ throughout Africa

Title: Asia's Maritime Bead Trade: 300 B.C. to the Present

Author: Peter Francis Jr.

Reference: ISBN 0-8248-2332-X

Publisher: University of Hawaii Press

A fascinating study and detailed description of the ancient trade in beads, covering over two millennia, stretching from the Middle East to East Asia.

Title: Beads of the World

Author: Peter Francis Jr.

Reference: ISBN 0-88740-559-2

Publisher: Schiffer Publishing Ltd.

Description: An excellent book with accurate information for those beginners wishing to find out about Beads .. plus price references of their value in 1994.

Title: Chevron and Nueva Cadiz Beads

Author: John and Ruth Picard

Reference: ISBN 0-9622884-2-X

Publisher: Picard African Imports California

Description: One of a series of Picard publications .. this hardback concentrates on Chervrons and Nueva Cadiz beads, with thousands of pictures for reference.

Title: Collectible Beads - A Universal Aesthetic

Author: Robert K Liu

Reference: ISBN 0-9641023-0-7

Publisher: Ornament Inc. USA

Excellent full colour photographs of many of the world's collectible beads, with useful historical information for both serious collectors and hobbyists.

Title: Glass Beads from Europe

Author: Sibylle Jargstorf

Reference: ISBN 0-88740-839-7

Publisher: Schiffer Publishing Ltd.

Description: Beautifully illustrated history and collector's large paperback guide
to European glass beads .. with value references as of 1995

Click this picture to be taken to Augusto's new Website .. which is dedicated to this publication

Title: Middle Eastern and Venetian Glass Beads - Eighth to Twentieth Centuries

Author: Augusto Panini

Reference: ISBN 13: 978-88-6130-164-1

Publisher: Skira editore S.p.A

An invaluable source of information and visual comparisons for bead lovers, especially those with interests in Middle Eastern and Venetian beads.

Title: Perles d'Afrique

Author:Marie-Francoise Delaroziere

Reference:  ISBN 2-85744-724-8


Although the text in is French .. there are many good photographs and illustrations of Trade Beads to found in Africa - very useful reference material.

Title: The History of Beads

Author: Tsuneo Yoshimizu

Reference:  ISBN 4-582-62512-6

Description: Although the text is in Japanese, the beautiful photographs of ancient Far East and European beads and some of the processes involved in making them, make this paperback edition well worth having.

Title: The History of Beads from 30,000 BC to the Present

Author: Lois Sherr Dubin

Reference:  ISBN 0-8109-2617-2

Publisher: H.N. Abrams - New York

Good reference material in hardback and concise paperback editions which follow the parallel paths of humans and beads throughout history.