South and East Africa

Elephant and Giraffe Hair Necklaces, Bracelets and Rings

Nearly every craft market in South Africa has a large number of "Elephant Hair" bracelets Many are made from plastic or local grasses, although they are quite easily distinguishable from the real thing, when a sample is burnt.
The items below are real tail hair, naturally discarded by the animals and collected by keepers and wardens at numerous Wildlife and Safari Parks in East and Southern Africa.
No animals were endangered in this process.

The trade did both supplement the incomes of those responsible for caring for the animals and helped to preserve interest in their care. But recently  the trade in the supply and making of these items has been stopped in the African countries that were supplying our stock. So once our remaining few items are sold .. there will be no replacements available for us to offer.
Elephant Hair is pliable and thicker than Giraffe Hair ... both types are unusual curios.
It is widely believed that in wearing these genuine bracelets, rings and necklaces -
the owner will be protected from illness and accident and should attain great fortune.
The knots represent the earth and nature and the strands represent the seasons of the year.

For calculating the size to fit you .. either measure the diameter of a bracelet you already own or make a circle of cord which just fits over your hand .. and measure its diameter.

Finger / Toe Rings

Elephant Hair

Giraffe Hair

Elephant Hair Bracelet

1 knot / 1 strand
19 to 23 mm diam.
sa 240  3 Sold

1 knot / 10 strands
21 to 23 mm diam.
sa 241 3  Sold

Giraffe Hair Necklace

2 Knot Elephant thick Hair Bracelets
Sizes measured across their diameter 18

Item Number



sa 236-06

67 mm

54 mm


Giraffe Hair
18 to 24 knots - Length 24 ins / 61 cm
sa 242   24   Sold