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Mixed Items at Bargain Prices for Projects
These collections contain good beads and some with excess wear, which are not practical or suitable to be offered as first quality single beads, but are ideal for use to provide inexpensive materials for School Projects and Museum Displays.

Rare to find 17th Century Dutch Pentagonals - Click the link for information about them
Some with very slight damage but all very useful for lecture and display purposes

Sizes from 6 x 11 to 19 x 19 mm
ss 259-74a   38   Sold

Smaller sizes of age-worn beads
graduating from 5 x 11 to 6 x 14 mm
ss 259-35a   22

More recent Pentagonal glass
in good condition
Sizes from 6 x 11 to 14 x 16 mm
ss 259-37a    16

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Ancient Single Beads

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Ancient Small Collections