We offer the following beads for those people who are skilled in repair
or who do not require first quality beads for their creations.
These collections contain beads with small chips, misshapes or excess wear, not suitable to be offered as first quality single beads, but beautiful nevertheless.
Excellent for use in displays in Schools, Museums and for illustrating Lectures

Early Islamic trailed glass cylinders
Some chipping Strand Length 7 ins / 17 mm
Largest bead 21 x 9 mm
D 344    £22
HERE for perfect examples

75 grams of Ancient Nila glass
dating back 1000+ years - found in Mali
Some beads in need of cleaning are
in diameters of 5 to 14 mm
D 324-03   £42     Sold

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of 1st quality beads

Czech ‘Wedding Beads’
50 claw-shaped beads 21 x 33 x 6 mm
in a mixture of colours and designs
Some dull surfaces but no damage
D 331  £24

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Tiny early German glass cylinders
Largest bead 19 x 8 mm
D 337  £22

35 Early German glass Barrels and Ovals
Some wear but no damage
Largest bead 22 x 19 mm
D 338  £24