Natural Seeds

21 ins / 54 cm dried Raffia Palm fruit
Inner strand beads 24 x 12 mm
ATB 208-01   18   Sold
Outer strand beads 29 x 16 mm
ATB 208-02   18

The traditional fasting during the period of Ramadan, which takes place for one month every year in the Islamic world, is broken at the appointed hour, by the drinking of warm water and eating of dates .. the origin of the word Breakfast. This novelty necklace of date seeds was found amongst the selection of beads on offer from a Mandinka dealer friend. Beautifully size and colour-matched .. this 24 ins / 60 cm strand contains beads measuring 7 x 18 mm and puts a whole new meaning on .. the gift of a special date to impress your loved-one .....
or your wife !
ATB 208    8