Assorted Cowrie Shell Items
-Simple Choker Necklaces and Loose beads for your own projects

These 19ins / 48 cm choker necklaces are on plaited cord.
Unusual and very attractive
ATB 185  6   10 available

Cowrie shells are recorded as being used for
body adornment since ca. 8,000 BC.

Early Money
Early in pre-history, people made a fundamental shift in what they chose to use for money.

Some items, such as arrowheads, salt and animal hides, were useful in and of themselves.
Gradually, however, people began exchanging items that had no intrinsic value, but which had only agreed-upon or symbolic value.

An example is the cowrie shell. They have been widely used as currency in China, India, Thailand and in West Africa as late as into the 1930s.


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Loose Cowries

Cut shells - sizes from 17 x 11 to 22 x 17 mm
ahs 245 a    5
per 100 gram packet ( approx. 75 shells )
 Cut edges may need to be smoothed with sandpaper

Whole shells - sizes from 17 x 11 to 22 x 17 mm
ahs 245 b    5
 per 100 gram packet ( approx. 55 shells )
Clean and with their natural sheen .. not varnished

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