Small Collections 8

Collections of Czech, Indian and German glass from the early 1700s onwards

Special collection of Indian-made Chevrons and decorated Oval
Representative designs from the late 1900ís
Strand length 20 ins / 50 cm - Beads from 8 x 10 to 44 x 34 mm
sbc 355  £48   Sold

Modern Indian copies of
ancient dZi beads
from Tibet
Imported directly into
Dakar - Senegal
and distributed
throughout the countries
of West Africa
High gloss glass beads averaging 27 x 11 mm
sbc 292  £10

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6 ins / 15 cm Strand length of 1980's Indian Millefiore.
Average bead size 21 x 20 mm
sbc 265  £16

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8 ins / 20 cm strand
of modern 5 x 6 mm
Prosser beads.
Once made in the
Czech Republic but now produced in Morocco,
using the Czech equipment.
Typically worn today as their  first necklace,
by small children
all over West Africa.
ATB 130a   £8

5 ins / 12 cm collection of 
matched 11 x 9 to 15 x 8 mm German 1700's - 1800's beads
sbc 268  £12

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