Specialist Strands 7
Early Baoule Tribe "Lost Wax" Brass Beads from Côte d'Ivoire

These Brass Beads were made using the lost wax method by members of the Baoule tribe,
prolific producers of brass ornaments and charms in West Africa.

Mainly to be found in the Côte d'Ivoire, ( Ivory Coast ) the Baoules are original descendants of the Ashanti tribes of Ghana. They form part of the Akan group of the Ivory Coast, who created a series of kingdoms and city-states that progressively occupied the entire forest region all the way to the Gulf of Guinea.

These are early production beads in superb condition, separated by 5 mm glass spacers.

Outer strand length 30 ins / 77 cm - 20 brass beads 29 x 21 mm   sps 259-01 £28   Sold
Inner strand length 28 ins / 77 cm - 20 brass beads 30 x 20 mm   sps 259-02 £38   Sold

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