Hebron Beads

For Reference Only

Hebron beads are known to have been  made from the 12th Century to around the 1880s in Hebron, near Jerusalem, using salts of the Dead Sea as their  alkali.
They are becoming extremely difficult to find in good, or indeed, any condition.
The excellent beads below were found in Mali and are shown as found.

These selected black and multicoloured single beads are extremely rare examples made to emulate earlier Roman and Islamic 'crumb' beads .. patterns are unevenly spread across their equally uneven surfaces. Those with single equatorial banding are even rarer to find - all demonstrate a raw beauty full of history !

Strand length 6 ins / 15 cm - Beads 12 x 16 to 17 x 20 mm

Small Collection of Ancient plain Hebron beads

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