Mixed ancient African-made Stone Beads
Collections of various handmade ancient stone beads .. centuries old ... some showing the conical centre holes from the ancient bow-drilling process.
Stone age history from West Africa

These beads appear to be some type of a sandstone and resin mixture. Lightweight and smooth to the touch some having concave holes - they were found in The Gambia
24 ins / 61 cm strand 
Beads from 8 x 5 to 17 x 5 mm
ATB 705-02   22   Sold

Ancient Quartz discs
Strand lengths 8 ins / 20 cm
Outer strand
Beads graduating from 5 x 12 to 3 x 16 mm
ATB 663-13   28
Inner strand
Beads graduating from 6 x 9 to 6 x 11 mm
ATB 663-14   28

Click HERE for small collections
of large Neolithic Quartz Bicone Discs