Venetian Collections 6a

Venetian Special Murano Red Collection ( ‘Tic Tac Toe’ beads )
Glass striped and ‘eye beads’ with red cores .. from Murano, Italy
1800s beads using designs from 13th-15th centuries
- In 1291, glass makers were told to move their operations to the island of Murano, to spare Rialto, an area in the heart of Venice known to have been making glass bottles in the year 982, from the dangers of fire and to keep closer check on the glass makers themselves.
This subsequently became the centre of Venetian glass and bead production, which continues to the present time, in the hands of descendants of some of the ancient bead-making families.

Strand length 28 ins / 71 cm - 45 beads - Average size 14 x 10 mm
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