Spoof e-Mails and Virus Warning

Very occasionally malicious people send out e-mails purportedly from various names @africantradebeads.com and its associated companies,
to people and companies unknown to us and not on our mailing lists.

We are not responsible for sending these e-mails.

Any attachments in these mails may contain a virus.
never open attachments or enter any information into such e-mails with attachments inviting you to do so.

They are forgeries .. using a spoofed ( forged ) sender's addresses.

Our system is neither infected nor being used without our knowledge
to send these e-mails.

Unfortunately there is nothing ourselves or seemingly any of the Web servers can do about these annoying and time wasting forgeries.

For your own safety, it is essential to ensure you have efficient Anti-Virus software and a Firewall, which are regularly and fully updated, to protect your systems against such people.

If you have been unlucky enough to receive one of these mails,
we sincerely sympathise with you .. but we did not send them to you.

We occasionally send out our Update Newsletters to people who have directly requested them from us, but we never use mass mailing techniques to strangers to advertise our items.

If you have received any unexpected e-mails supposedly coming from us
we recommend that you
DO NOT Reply to them or Bounce them
or Click on any links or Follow any Instructions contained in them

Click HERE to go to our Notice Board for more information and some courses of action.