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March 2020 Latest Newsletters-

26th March 2020

Now after everything was going so well with our Sale and Sale Specials, we have
the Coronavirus major problems World-wide. Our very best wishes for our customers and their families to be able to stay safely away from infection in these troubled times that none of us has ever experienced before.

Unable to do anything more bead-supply-wise while we are self-isolating, we are postponing our closing down / retirement plans, leaving our 50% Off Sale in place and with plenty of time to do it, clearing all the sold items off our Websites.

We will be then adding the treasures we have found whilst clearing out our drawers and cupboards after 20 years of trading, so hopefully there will be many items of interest for you to study and even reserve to buy once life has returned to normal.

If you wish to put in an Advance Order and have some items put On Hold for you .. still at 50% off .. just let us know. We look forward to hearing from you and will be sending out Newsletters to you all when the alterations have taken place.

Until then take good care of yourselves .. I wish you all the good luck in the world.



9th March 2020

After exactly one month of constant attention since the Newsletters went out announcing our 50% Off Sale to all of you on our Update List, we have caught up with the mountain of paid-for orders and sent out the beads to our loyal customers.

Very many of you have acknowledged receipt of your choices and again sent kind messages, for which we are very grateful.

We have just retrieved some more of our beads from being sold for us at an other source and have published them today, hopefully for your enjoyment.

You will find them on HERE and listed as Sale Specials in the Product Index.

Having kept our Sale announcements to all of you loyal customers on our Update Lists, in a couple of days we will be announcing it more widely across the Internet.

So if there is anything else you would like on the New Sales Special pages or indeed on our ATB Asian Website where there are plenty of really beautiful and reasonably priced items still awaiting buyers .. please do not hesitate in getting in touch.

Our sincerest thanks to all of you who have recently been in contact ..
we look forward to hearing from you again.

All the Very Best



20th February 2020

To all the people who have contacted us .. thank you so much.

The response to the Retirement / Closing Down Sale announced on Sunday 9th March has been absolutely incredible. We have received over two hundred e-mail enquiries ... many including really kind comments and best wishes for my future.

We really have been overwhelmed with your kindness and your willingness to take advantage of the excellent prices to help ATB to sell the remainder of its stock.

But it has taken working long days and nights until early this week to catch up with all the e-mails and the resulting correspondence, answering them in the order in which they have arrived to be fair to everyone.

Putting On Holds on the Websites to reserve items for customers, organising, receiving and acknowledging all the payments has worked as well as usual
but has taken a great deal of time.

We have started sending out the orders this week and are asking you to please have lots of patience, because there is a long queue of orders waiting to be sent out.

Whilst still answering enquiries and putting more items On Hold .. we are doing the very best we can to not keep you waiting for too long.

All the Very Best and Again an Enormous Thank You.



9th February 2020

After a very enjoyable and successful 20 years on the Internet .. having reached the ripe old/young age of 70 last October .. I have decided to fully retire and finish trading with both the African and Asian Trade Bead Websites.

With this 50% Off Sale
I am sincerely thanking all of our loyal customers and friends for your support and friendship over the years and am pleased to be able to offer you the remaining African and Asian bead stocks at very advantageous bargain half-prices.

In addition to extra price reductions throughout our Websites, most of the Sold items have also been removed to make looking through the pages much easier.

Please take your time to explore our various pages ... there may still be many different items that you have never seen.

Please send in your Order Enquiries in the usual way .. 50% will be taken off the Website prices, the postage costs added and the new totals shown in our replies.

The same £10 minimum order value plus postage will still apply.

Both the ATB Websites and businesses can be bought complete as up and running with excellent reputations world wide and can easily be transferred to new owners.

If necessary the remaining bead Stocks and the Domain Names will later be sold off line .. so you are kindly invited to take advantage of this situation and make inclusive offers, if you should wish to take over two ready made online businesses.

Our Product Index page is where to find links to all our items which still include many types of historic beads that were traded in exchange for goods throughout Africa, since the days of the early overland and sailing ship traders.

You can still find plenty of very interesting beads on our Asian Trade Beads Website which now offers the same 50% discount on its attractive modern items and excellent quality reproductions of ancient beads.

I look forward to hearing from you .... but please remember that many of our items are “One-Offs” .. as always and especially now, it is First Come First Served.

So please don’t delay if you want to grab a bargain or two or three or ..… !!

All the Very Best

David Nevill
African and Asian Trade Beads