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New Year Newsletter

Greetings to You and Your Families to enjoy the Very Best for Christmastime,
Peace, Happiness, Success and everything You would Wish For in 2020.

As usual we shall be in West Africa over the Christmas Period until mid January

All our items will still be available to
Order in the same way as usual whilst we are abroad. We can put your choices On Hold for you and arrange for the full details to be sent to you on our return to the UK in mid January.
Product Index page is where to find links to all our items which include rare glass and genuine examples of many types of historic beads which have been traded in exchange for goods throughout Africa since the days of the early overland and sailing ship traders.

Recent new arrivals are some
Small Collections of our rare and hard to find
Medieval Ancient Beads from the Roman and Islamic Periods .. these compliment the large collection of pristine
Single Beads offered for sale at reasonable prices.

There are also some new collections amongst our Venetian beads.

In addition, to help customers with bead identification for now and the future,
we have 130 Reference Pages in the
Pictures of Collections section,
showing pictures of many of the Sold items we have removed from the main site.

You can find plenty of very interesting beads on our
Asian Trade Beads Website which continues to offer a wide selection of inexpensive but attractive modern items and many excellent quality reproductions of ancient beads.

Specifically available in small quantities for hobbyists and jewellery-makers who want something different, without having to buy the large minimum quantities often demanded by manufacturers. Now offered at even more reasonable prices !!

I look forward to hearing from you .... but please remember that many of our items are “One-Offs” and as always it is
First Come First Served.
So please don’t delay if you want to grab a bargain or two or three or ..… !!

All the Very Best

David Nevill
African and Asian Trade Beads

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