Traditional Tuareg Padlocks from Niger - Picture Collection 134
Traditional, ingenious and practical works of art - these locks are used by nomadic desert Tuaregs for securing valuables, more especially to their camel's saddles.
Made from engraved Silver, Copper and Brass with
Tifinagh script on the reverse.
Keys have to be used in exactly the correct position and sequence to open them ...
the secrets to which will be revealed to the purchasers !

Single key opening - Size 60 x 52 mm

Three key sequential opening - Size 66 x 52 mm

Three key sequential opening - Size 105 x 60 mm

Tifinagh abjad

Reference quoted with thanks from :

The Tifinagh or Tifinigh abjad is thought to have derived from the ancient
Berber script. The nameTifinagh means 'the Phoenician letters', or possibly comes from the Greek word for writing tablet, 'pínaks '.

Since September 2003, the Tifinagh abjad has been taught in primary schools in Morocco. It is also used by the Tuareg, particularly the women, for private notes, love letters and in decoration. For public purposes, the Arabic alphabet is normally used.

Notable features
The Tifinagh abjad includes consonants only.
Some letters have more than one form.
Tifinagh is written without spaces between words.

Used by
Berber languages such as Tamasheq and Amazigh, are spoken by about one million or so people in Morocco, Niger, Mali, Burkina Faso, Algeria and Libya.

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